2015: The Year I Track Everything – Part 1


2014 was a really interesting year for me. I reached a lot of personal and professional goals. I made huge leaps in personal development as far as health & fitness are concerned. I got better as a designer. I had tons of memorable experiences – good and bad.

Looking back, I know that I could have pushed myself harder in all areas and even motivated myself to achieve things outside of my comfort zone more often. I’ve struggled with procrastination in the past and I feel that sometimes it holds me back and keeps me more complacent as opposed to seeking out and pushing the limits of my mind, body, experiences and abilities.

I’ve decided that in 2015, I want to track (almost) every aspect of myself and share them publicly for a few different reasons:

1. I want it to be a motivator and means of accountability to achieve great things (health & fitness, travel, relationships, finance, business, etc…) and have amazing experiences that I might not otherwise.

2. I want to have a better understanding of the decisions that I make and the reasons that I make them based off of the trends from the data. I hope having this information will lead me to make better decisions in the future.

3. Pure nostalgia – I want the ability to take a trip down memory lane of the end of 2015 and beyond and reflect on that year of my life in great detail.

4. I want to share my story and knowledge with everyone.

5. And finally, It just sounds fun as hell.

For the public’s eye, I’ve set up my Gyroscope profile here


I will be tracking a lot of other categories that aren’t available through Gyroscope and I’ll compile the data every quarter of the year to see where I’m at with my goals and trends so that I can alter them if need be and get myself back on track.

I’m putting together a list of all the categories and sub-categories of everything else I’m tracking. I’ll be posting with the details in a few days.


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