20/20: Vision Matters

As companies start to grow and more people are involved in developing your product or service to be the best that it can be, your vision as a company and the vision for your product become evermore important. I recently learned this the hard way and I wanted to share.

I recently got to work on one of our new features and started defining the requirements and began work on the design. I worked through refining the interactions and finally got approval from the Project Manager that it was ready for the high-res prototyping stage to review with the CEO. So, at the meeting I began with a general overview of the problem set, requirements, scope, etc…and began walking the him through the design review and that’s where things went extremely downhill.

Multiple iterations later, we were still stuck. I did everything (in my mind) right so I didn’t understand why the CEO was so frustrated that this small feature’s functionality and design had missed the mark.
What I began to realize was that there was an enormous underlying problem. The requirements were based on an outdated vision for the product which in turn resulted in us trying to design for a problem that the product was not trying to solve (anymore). I felt like I was doing bad work, my project manager was confused, and the CEO felt like he had failed in communicating the vision.

As a CEO, Product Manager, Project Manager, or anyone in an executive position, ensure that you set up some kind of system to explain and communicate your company and product vision. This could be a Google doc that’s shared with your organization, quarterly meetings, or some other form of sharing. You’ll get your employees to buy in more successfully if they understand where you’re at and where you’re going. It will help them figure out the “what can I do to help get there?” part.

I would love to hear how other people are perpetuating communication of their vision to new and existing people within their organization. Thanks for reading.

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