It was back in May when I decided to take a journey to places all around the world. I was living in Florida at the time and I wasn’t in a good place. I was unhappy and felt like something was missing. I was burning the candle at both ends working a 9-5 corporate job masquerading as a startup with a culture that I just didn’t fit in with. I was trying to work on a startup with extremely unreliable people. I was being drained on a daily basis of all the creative juices flowing through my body and I’d had as much as I could take. I didn’t want to hate what I was doing but that’s exactly what started to happen.

Here I am almost 3 months into a journey I’ve been planning for years and I’ve been able to spend some really valuable time with old friends, make new friends from all over the world, experience new things I never thought I’d enjoy and old things I forgot I loved so much. I found life again. I found energy. Stepping away from everything and being a bit disconnected from the barrage of information on Twitter, Dribble, Facebook, Instagram, etc… along with the insane amount of walking I’ve been doing lately have really inspired my thoughts and ideas. I did a pretty decent bit of walking and outdoor activities in Florida but I feel like I’m on a completely different level now. It’s indescribable.

As far as design goes, I’ve been easing back into some projects and working on some personal things but I’m taking my time to really re-think some of the ways I do things, the decisions I make, and just in general making sure I correct any bad habits I have and eliminating any bad thought patterns I might have.

This trip was just what I needed. Not a lot of people have the opportunity to do something like this and I feel incredibly lucky. I met a lifeguard on Oahu who has never left the island or been on a plane flight. He has family and other people he knows that have never even left the confines of their community and neighborhood. That’s just so crazy for me to think about but everyone (aside from the bus drivers) has been so nice and they just have a ton of positive vibes and endless supplies of huge smiles.

If I could give any advice and if anyone would listen, I would say that if you aren’t happy and have the opportunity and means to step away even for a week or a month or a year – do it and you will never regret it. It would be so easy for me to look back and see the greener grass and regret leaving my comfortable life with an apartment, a vehicle, a full fridge, and routine but that didn’t equal happiness to me. What is happiness for you?


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