Motivations For Success


I’ve always had an affinity for computers and technology – ever since I was young I’ve had computers or the latest devices. I knew I was going to work in technology one day. I dreamed of all the possibilities every night.

I’m humbled every day when I read articles, blog posts, tweets, status updates, etc… from the amazing communities online. I see all the amazing things people are building and thoughts they are sharing with the world. It’s one of the most inspirational and motiving aspects about the line of work I’m in. There’s an overwhelming sense of camaraderie and feeling that the things we love to make and do are changing the world for the better.

So, when I see people in my line of work that aren’t exited about what they’re doing, pushing themselves to learn and grow or having fun I have to be more than a little perplexed – astonished even. Some of these people spent tens of thousands of dollars on degrees or certifications and countless hours of rewiring their brains to learn the necessary skills.

I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that spending my life doing something to just survive is good enough. I can’t do ‘good enough’. I’m often guilty of having way too much on my plate because I have the mentality that I want to conquer the world. I want to be involved. I want to be proud of everything attached to my name and personal brand.

I recently heard from Tai Lopez that people, on average, spend about 12% of their life doing things they actually enjoy doing or care about deeply. I don’t want to contribute to that statistic and I don’t want other people in my line of work to either. I want to spend as close to 100% of my life as I can working on awesome things that I care deeply about and that I have fun doing. That’s my definition of success.

What’s your definition of success? What are you doing to pursue it and are you doing all that you can to pursue it?

If you work in technology (developer, designer, founder, etc…) what are your motivations for the work that you’re doing? Heck, if you work in any field, what are your motivations? I’d love to talk to you about it – email me at


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